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SPSU eGov Center

1.1 Vision Statement

The vision of the SPSU eGov Center is to create a world-class community of skilled practitioners researching, advising and implementing the information technologies and business processes supporting government agencies and related organizations to best serve our citizens through effective electronic and digital government and citizen services.

Mission Statement

The mission of SPSU eGov Center (SPSU eGov Center) is to:

  • Conduct research and development on electronic government (eGov) processes, services and technology
  • Provide and contribute to education and training programs for customer, faculty and students
  • Involve students in the practice of eGov by promoting and providing students at all levels with opportunities to:
    • Work on and contribute to actual, significant projects under the guidance of practicing IT, software, systems and project managers
    • Learn from faculty who are senior, seasoned professionals with current and high-levels of practical skill and capability in the rapidly expanding areas of technology and its application in IT, eGov, etc.
  • Implement processes, projects and systems to improve the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of electronic government

The SPSU eGov Center will work with appropriate Georgia departments and agencies as well as at the local and federal levels of government, non-governmental agencies and other appropriate organizations.

1.2 SPSU eGov Center Goals and Objectives

1. Continue to establish recognized cooperative partnerships

  • SPSU already has established partnerships in the eGov arena.  We will maintain and extend our presence in the eGov domain by establishing additional cooperative partnerships among Southern Polytechnic State University, government agencies at the state, local and federal level, and as appropriate industry and other organizations. Work with other universities, research agencies, local authorities, industry, organizations or individuals to clearly identify the pressing needs of our citizens with respect to eGov services.Through these partnerships, we will conduct a coordinated and extensive program of research to design, develop, model, and evaluate new processes and information technologies in the support of effective electronic government. The research center will effectively seek continued and additional research funding and sponsorship by governmental agencies and other organizations.

2. Establish SPSU as a leader in eGov study and education

  • Present SPSU, through its eGov Center, to the electronic-government world as a leader in eGov study and education involving all segments of the university community including faculty, staff, alumni and students.  SPSU will continue to gain recognition statewide and nationally as a leader in IT and its practical application and implementation in electronic government.   It will do so through continuing to provide innovations and improvements in technology and eGov processes that can be leveraged throughout our government at all levels—state, local and federal.