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Southern Polytechnic Applied Research Center

Mission: Our mission is to support Southern Polytechnic faculty in research, development and the application of technology within their areas of expertise. Our support includes the identification of opportunities, development of proposals and the administration of grants and contracts upon award.  The Applied Research Center is committed to providing growth opportunities for faculty and students and establishing Southern Polytechnic State University as a leading center of applied technology.

Scholarship Showcase

Active SPARC Research Centers
•        Biometrics Recognition Research Center
•        Center for Information Security Education
•        Center for Nuclear Power Generation
•        SPSU eGov Center
•        Georgia Pavement Research Center
•        Supply Chain Risk Management Center
•        Usability Center
•        Visualization and Simulation Research Center
•        Alternative Energy Innovation Center
•        Center for Advanced Materials Research and Education
•        Center for Applied Gaming and Media Arts

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